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A message from Andrew and Kevin


Hi everyone. As you know, we are heavily into commercial conversions and with Kevin having over 36 years in the construction industry, from site agent to contractor, from new builds to project managing multi £m projects in city centres, we feel we have the practical knowledge to support and guide those wanting to progress in these areas.

We have put together several different offerings under The Property Mentorship banner, so that people can find the right level for them.

NEW - Commercial Conversion and Development Discovery Day

This is ideal for those wanting to get some initial information and education without spending the earth. We could run one of these anywhere, so if you had 15+ people interested we could come to you and have a local event. If we run it local to us, we can sometimes squeeze in a short site visit. This later option helps others, what I call, "join the dots".

 Site Visits

From time to time we run site visits/conducted tours at various stages of a conversion. These can be based at any of our sites. Presently we have sites in Gloucester and Boston (Lincs) with others to follow shortly. These again help people understand the scale and processes required.

 Case Study Day

This day provides a route map for success. A whole day, learning from one specific project - the highs and lows, the positives, the despair, the elation and frustration, what went really well, what to look out for that could trip you up and especially making the most of the space you have. From purchase to planning, from strip  out to sale. An honest appraisal and walk through of our Northgate project (the one we talked about) and how that project will net somewhere in the region of £500k. As we still have some access to the building, it presently includes a site visit (in Gloucester) to part of the finished development. As we move through other projects, we will update this presentation.

 Mastermind Group

This is for the seriously committed only. We presently have two independent groups of 10 (both full) and are in the process of considering another in October. At present, one group meets in Gloucester and the other in Peterborough/Boston to facilitate site visits from time to time. There are 3 of us mentoring/guiding to 10 members. It also includes getting a business plan in place, monthly phone calls and extra days, such as a Case Study day, included. We are committed to the support of each member, with the aim of getting each one "over the line" and "up and running" with a conversion or development project in the 12 months.

 There is also a "twist" to the  Mastermind Group, where from time to time we would offer an "earn as you learn" option. If someone wants to earn a really good interest based return on their money and learn from one specific project of ours, from beginning to end, we can include a space on this programme. This was not something we originally thought of, but having been approached by someone interested in doing this, it could be considered for the right person and the right project. 

 I trust that gives a flavour of what we presently offer. That said, if people want to email me  to find out more, I would be pleased to let them have some more information. If at your next meeting you find there is an appetite for any of these to be run locally, I would be happy to chat this through.

 Thanks again for having us at Asana. Best wishes for your continued success.



07736 360063 


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